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Friday, July 8, 2011

Unofficial Way2Sms API Using JAVA To Send Free SMS

This is a way to send free sms from our computer through Way2sms, which allows to send free sms.
Using this code one can send sms to multiple phone numbers like shown in the screen shot

For that you need to have the following

1) You have to register at Way2SMS and Obtain a User Name and Password.

2)You have to find the ACTION value.

*In-order to  find the action value first install 'fire bug' to your Firefox.
*Then login to your way2sms account.
*Open Firebug from tools->Firebug->open firebug.
*In the search field of firebug type 'action' and click next until you find something like
<input id="Action" type="hidden" value="sa65sdf656fdfd" name="Action">

*Now the value 'sa65sdf656fdfd' is your ACTION value.

Now everything set up. Download the source


Now open the source and edit the following fields in main()
* USERNAME : Your way2sms username
*PASSWORD : Your way2sms password
*ACTION : The ACTION value we found out
*Also uncomment the proxy support if needed.

Now compile the code


Run the code

java Way2SMS phone no1 no2 ....  message your message here!

Example :
java Way2SMS phone 1234567890 0987654321 message Where where you yesterady?

Note: Few weeks ago one of my friend Srijidh asked about sending sms from our desktop. But at that time we were having university exams. Today I remembered his query and decided to code. I wrote this code after referring several python codes from github and that found on google search.

Note2: The ACTION value is so important that if you have omitted the program will not  give the desired result. In future I will add feature to automatically fetch that ACTION field for you.


  1. Nice code! But it was working till 29-7-2011, since then it gives me url error. what could be the problem?

  2. So..nice

    it's so nice but it's not working since last night...
    same..url connection error occured....

    i wanted to implement this in ma.. school project so plzz tell me what to do....


    8120297777 it's ma.. mobile no..... me sir i have only three days to submit this project...

    Thanx in advance

  3. how do u found these web site like-""
    how can i find the links for 160by2 or any other sites plz reply

  4. could i use this api in my private blogger blog ?


    mke a simple htnl code

  5. thanks darling

    I ll build a GUI now

  6. Sorry guys...I couldnot accesss my blog for some reasons till now..I bought a domain and will be posting there only now onwards..Again sorry for belated reply..will catch you guys there...
    @Anilkumar sure you can use the code.
    @maya the problem will be the url used in this code '' they usually change this url for load balancing. I got this url from their web page source.Thanks

  7. It does'nt work gave me same URL connection error!!!!!!!!!

    doest'nt work even if i change the code wriiten as ""

  8. we got the error of url connection error any guidance what can be done in that regards.. waiting

  9. Hey but i am not able to get the value for Action from that firebug. can you please guide me.

  10. hey this code is not working for me.

  11. not working for me

  12. Hey but i am not able to get the value for Action from that firebug. can you please guide me............
    plz help me.....
    my id is

    1. Find < input type="text" value="01029928">
      copy these value for ex ... 01029928
      Thats fine it working proerly

  13. not working for me

  14. not working for me...............But i am not able to get the value for Action from that firebug.

  15. how to find Action value from fire bug ? ? ? ? i have installed that firebug for google crome... please help me...

  16. hi,
    where i put the action value.
    plz tell me the code.

    1. plz see this link it's work fine

  17. hello,
    i found in this code cookies are null so my code not proper working what's the problem plz tell me
    if u found resion than send me mail at my id

  18. action value:-sa65sdf656fdfd use this i hope it's work

  19. Way2sms app available on google play store

  20. Way2sms is a great free sms service indeed but sometimes Way2sms login problem is really disgusting.

  21. This is not working but i found an other script which is working great

    Just use an Http Client call using get method for the above api it works great

  22. Is there is any way to send more than 140 characters.
    Some time its more than 140 character then it give error.

  23. this code not working pls give some other code..........

  24. Hi,
    i found in this code cookies are null so my code not proper working what's the problem plz tell me
    if u found reason than send me mail at my id

  25. I am not getting my Action value... What should i do?

  26. Way2sms Site : Already Changed
    Plz Registration Loge-in
    Free ... Free ... Free ... Free ... Free


    Enjoy.....!! Friends....!!
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  27. I am not getting my Action value... What should i do?

  28. Try officially supported free service fowiz, a free sms api provider. It is HTTP based, can send SMS using any programming language.

  29. not working.... and there is no action value ... how can i get that??? plz help...

  30. I am not getting Action key,What should I do?

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